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GVS Pricing

The Financial Aspect

GVS firmly believes in providing our clients with the most professional web development service, without the $50-$100 dollar per hour rate that most professional web developers offer.

Like any service, website development and design is a business activity that needs professionalism, commitment and technical expertise. It is therefore important that the rate structure that is given is both remunerative to us and attractive/cost efficient to our clients. As a business owner you undoubtedly are looking for a professional web developer at an affordable cost, but still require a firm that can stand behind its work.

There are several methods and systems for charging website design and development, charges could be at per page rate, hourly rate or lump sum rate. Our philosophy is, unless we are dealing with a client who specifically wishes to be charged per hour or per page we definitely opt for a package deal. This is ideal for clients who have a set budget and do not wish to deviate from it.

Typical price for the sites we build is $750 to $3500 depending on the complexity of the CMS & number of pages you need. However in some cases prices may surpass the stated cap above. To start the process please fill out our free online quote form. We can email a rough estimate of the cost of your project.


Our consulting services can also be charged at a per hour basis, or a per project basis. We offer both digital marketing, project management and other consulting services.