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Internet Services

At GVS we base all our work on a solid strategic technology foundation that is focused on delivering high quality state of the art web functionalities. We combine cutting-edge software engineering, creative graphics design, creative copywriting and online marketing to deliver Internet-based software solutions that bring to life the hidden potential in your business and website. GVS works with our clients to define their objectives and establish their online presence using new technologies which will enable them to reach a broader customer base for their business. Our internet solutions are customized to individually fit our client's products and services for a unique targeted result. We do this by combining in-depth consultation and thorough planning with our proven development methods, technical expertise, and online business experience. We are committed to the success of our clients and strive to provide the best return on your investment. Your success is our number one goal.



Successful web design and development requires several elements; innovative and engaging graphical design, fast stable performance, a clear focus on functionality, client satisfaction and usability. With strong design skills, deep knowledge of software development and expertise in the latest technologies our website designers and programmers create real internet solutions for our clients business. The end results are web sites that are not only graphically appealing, but are highly functional. 



Many potential clients are looking for the most cost effective method of maintaining a website. For these clients introducing a content management system into their web solution is vital. A content management system enables you to alter and update sections of your web site via a simple friendly web interface. The effective management of your web site’s content allows you to keep your customers, prospects and stakeholders fully informed of any news regarding your web site, services, products, and market. GVS can create a unique content management system, with the ability to control the content of each of your web pages as well as providing full management of such things as an email newsletter, online product catalogue, a dynamic news archive, a picture gallery and more.


When you need more than a website, GVS delivers custom scalable web based database technology’s to fit your business needs. If you are looking to make your existing site more useful, integrate your business tools, collect and store more of your client information, save time and money completing your daily web tasks. Web design with powerful back-end software will automate your business which saves you time and money. GVS specializes in today’s latest database technologies that allows you to share your data online with employees and clients. This may be information from your e-commerce sales, on-line forms, surveys, conference registrations, or other. Data collected online about web site visitors, clients and prospects can be written back to the database to provide the dynamic creation of valuable marketing, research and promotion information. You can also provide visitors to your web site with the facility to search a complex database online, find results, become better informed and make purchases if required.


If your website is ready for database integration and dynamic content, whether it's database generation and management, query programs, password protection, auto responders, or any number of technical requirements you might have for your site, our technical staff evaluates the need and either builds it themselves, or integrates with an existing third-party product or back-end vendor. Our goal: to provide you with the most suitable and cost-effective solution GVS builds web applications using the latest object oriented software techniques to create custom software solutions that are extremely fast, reliable and inexpensive to maintain. We use jsp, java, php and open source components to rapidly create database-driven web applications, so that you can focus on running your business while we handle the security, bandwidth, database and application issues. 


Internet commerce is rapidly growing, and your business needs to adapt to these changing times. Even if you think that the majority of your customers will continue purchasing your products or services the traditional way, there is obviously a growing percentage that will like to have the option of purchasing online, therefore there needs must be met. No business can survive if they make a habit of turning away prospective clients. We realize that your return on investment is the most critical part of any business. With an e-commerce site your potential base of clients is expanded into the millions. At GVS we have a variety of ecommerce options for to fit your online needs.


Smart phones are quickly becoming the dominant mobile device in todays market. More and more individuals are using their mobile phones as their primary device to access the internet. If your site isnt optimzed for mobile viewing, then chances are their time on your site will be limited to seconds. However having a mobile site in addition to your primary site, will ensure your visitors get an easy to use interface. If your business is ready to step into the digital application world, GVS can develop you mobile application and assist you in its promotion.